Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 92

What a glorious time to be alive! I am totally captivated by the activity of the plants and animals in the neighborhood and here on the ridge this spring. It seems as though I am seeing things which have undoubtedly been present previously but, obviously, I wasn’t paying attention.

The nine or ten stumps which I burned and or excavated over the last six years have grown over and are difficult to remember. The grass has filled in the bare spots and it is becoming a continuous area of lustrous green. Jan’s flowers are making wonderful progress and some are blooming. The roses are coming well, the peonies are outstanding, and the day lilies are flashing here and there.

Judging from the little pigs, calves, colts (both horse and ass) and lambs in the nearby meadows, I’d say everybody wintered well. The wild creatures seem to have increased their number as well. Apparently the only creature who suffered during the recent winter was man who seems to have a predilection to consistently mess up every thing he touches: or is that just in Washington?

The Value of the Child

Late this last week we were treated to a recent Gallup Poll which I took the liberty of reprinting. It’s worth a careful look. In summation, it appears that Pro-Life has now become the option for 51% of the population by 9 percentage points. That would be the first time in fourteen years for that posture to be in the lead. Possibly it was longer because Gallup only started that particular poll question in 1995. The poll starts with a decline in the pro-choice stance during the Clinton years with a virtual tie in the run-up to the election of G.W. Bush.

I’m not so sure that more people have become convinced on the issue but rather more eager to share their opinion on the matter with others. Polls are funny that way. About 9 months ago, we adopted a policy of not answering calls from 1-800 numbers because they were nearly always intrusive beyond our interest or annoying politically.

Continuing along the same subject we find “the one” accepting an honorary juris doctorate from Notre Dame and giving the commencement address to the graduates. The Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president remarked, “I do not suggest that the debate surrounding abortion can or should go away.” That being said, he was also responsible for authorizing the arrest and incarceration of dozens of protesters the night before and almost that many more during the service itself. No doubt he thought they “should go away.” Apparently some priests and other Catholic officials are doing their job too well. Many of those arrested had the idea that God Himself sees the practice of murdering the unborn as sin. It is apparent that the very worst of the Catholic Church and the very finest have collided in South Bend this past weekend.

One of the arrested protesters was Norma McCorvey who was the plaintiff who was named in the infamous Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade. After the practice of abortion was thus legalized, we find McCorvey now opposes abortion and joined the demonstrators in the pokey.

There is something in the water at American Universities. It manifests itself in absolute arrogance. If you are looking for character, morals, faith, and unfettered honesty within the ivy covered walls or for that matter under the gold dome, I suggest you go to the cafeteria or the maintenance department and hunt up someone carrying trays or a wrench. Find that person who sweats for a living and you will probably find those characteristics. If ,on the other hand, if duplicity, deviousness, compromise and self interest are your bag, check the offices with the broad walnut desks, the easy chairs and the expensive religious icons and pictures of the executive posing with “important” people adorning the walls. In such haunts lurk the predators of education: the presidents, the board chairmen, the department heads, and those others who would sell the students souls for their own self-aggrandizement. May God have mercy on their souls.

A Reminder

I ran this before but I am going to run it again for the benefit of those who missed it the first time. It is the ad which was turned down which was to have been aired during the super-bowl. The networks couldn’t tolerate the idea of the truth so apparent in the ad.

And finally

Mrs. Pelosi continues to embarrass herself and the House of Representatives, if that is possible. I think I shall tear a page out of the tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous and present the adage that recoverees have found so helpful over their years of struggle. “If you find yourself in a hole; quit digging!”

She now has a web of claims and counter claims and witnesses with amnesia in her struggle to maintain the high ground against the CIA. She’s losing! After hearing five different versions of the story, not only am I confused but it is obvious that she is too. Experience dictates that honesty is the lazy man’s best friend.. It’s much tougher to keep all those tall tales straight than it is to just tell the truth at the beginning. The truth is a complicated narrative but multiplied times 5 it becomes impossible.

Our final thought is a grateful thank you to those who serve, those who love those who serve , those who wait for those who serve, and those who honor the memory of those who have served and did not return. Our military is entitled to all that a grateful nation can deliver. If you didn’t do it today keep Armed Forces Day in mind and give a slap on the back of those who are doing their job so well. Keep these noble men and women in mind the next time some politico shows hesitation in their support.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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