Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Anonymous

I have belabored you previously on the subject of extracting a bountiful life from degradation and despair through Alcoholics Anonymous. I make no apology for doing so because I am obligated to share the benefits with others that they might consider a similar path to improve their lives.

Nearly thirty years ago I drug my sorry butt to a meeting and altered, with God’s help, an ingrained life style which had cost me everything—wife, the love of my kids, treasure, friends, respect and self-esteem. As a result, I have regained all, except the treasure which no longer seems important. I will not bore you with a “drunk-a-log” to saddle you with every excruciating moment on my descent into a personal hell. I shall rather mention some basic truths I learned on my journey back to a rich full life.

I do this because our nation and its citizens will require a similar exercise to recover from the Marxist direction which has dominated every issue the last few months in Washington. Tens of millions of our people have an actual addiction to Mr. Hope and Change. Although the number lessens by the day, real progress cannot be made until these sufferers are able to put a name on their problem. Any AA member will admit that recovery really only begins when he able to stand at a meeting and introduce himself thusly: “Hi, I’m Cec and I am an alcoholic!” One must identify his problem openly and sincerely if he ever hopes to get on the long road to recovery. His opening would then become: “Hi I’m Joe, and I’m an Obamaniac.”

His next step is to then recognize that there is a Power greater than himself. This does not require immediate baptism into the church of his choice or becoming a street corner evangelist. All it requires is the sublimation to a directive spiritual force which may be identified as God, Jehovah, Jesus, Buddha, Fred or whatever; anything so long as it is not himself. We enact the course of our lives but satisfactory alteration requires the intervention of a higher power. Otherwise, as your own personal god, you may do what you please to the exclusion of all others. Is the Obamanism becoming recognizable at this point?

So now the Obamaniac has named himself and acknowledged he is not God—now what? It is time for a decision to seek relief from your addiction. This decision can only come from within but it must become essential to every aspect of your being. The actual implementation is only possible with the help of your assigned spiritual force or in my case, God. To become relieved of one’s suffering, this is absolutely necessary. This decision then becomes a promise to you to seek help. Awareness of the possibility of recovery from Obamamaniaism then is placed in your hands with the help of God. It is highly recommended that this promise is reviewed every morning upon arising. Since there is no formal organization with meetings nightly to attend, it is suggested that you acquire a sponsor to share your struggle for abstinence from your former life. Obviously, you should pick someone who has “been there and done that.” A Tea Party is an excellent place to meet those who are not currently suffering from Obamunism. This body of people is increasing by the day and will help you avoid the further influences to which you are constantly subjected. Since they are the finest, friendliest people you will ever meet they will be eager to help and guide you on your way.

Now comes the tough part; you must admit to yourself through a personal inventory the false ideas and ideologies which you have maintained. Make a physical list of those things which you have held which have proven to be false. As you add to this hard copy and more things appear there, the enormity of your Obamanism will become more and more apparent and become a substantial aid to recovery. Be honest with yourself.

After the list is underway, it becomes necessary to admit to your higher power, yourself, and another human being the exact nature of your wrongs and be ready for God to remove them all. This is easily accomplished by simply asking Him to do so. These expressions will allow you to vent your missteps and help clear your mind of the oppression of false ideology.

The next logical progression is to list those we have harmed and be prepared to make amends. If one has made the grievance publicly, the amends should be made the same way. If one to one, the same rule applies: one to one. In any case, so long as making amends would not do them further injury, the sincere attempt should be made. As the personal inventory continues, any further wrong should be promptly admitted. Both the alcoholic and the Obamamaniac hold the lie as a standard of behavior. In both circumstances the immediate apology and reconciliation is required.

Further prayer and consultation with our higher power to seek His will and power will, over time, increase our personal strength to carry out His direction and hurry our recovery. Each prayer raised further establishes this valued relationship and confirms that, indeed, we are not God. If offered in honesty from the heart, the progress will be remarkable.

Finally, once we have the spiritual awakening we must continue to implement this program in all our affairs. Further, and this is important, this result must be shared with others who may also have the same problems we once had. Were you not grateful that God saw fit to help you find the truth and banish your former stinking thinking?

Much of this post is borrowed or adapted from the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous as outlined in the “Big Book” with that title. For relief from the demons of addiction, tweaking the steps is a simple matter. It is a program used universally for overcoming those many tempting diversions which work to ruin our lives.

There is little doubt in my mind that the socialist president has lured many of his followers by devious means to work on his ruinous programs. Our concern is not so much about why they succumbed in the first place but rather how they may escape the clutches of this brainwashing. By accepting the wisdom outlined in the above steps, you will find a new and true freedom which has been heretofore unknown. If you are not in need of this; copy it and pass it on to one who does. Welcome back to sanity!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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