Friday, November 27, 2009

Words Matter


Sometimes I feel that I have come really late to the party. I happened on a link yesterday, spent hours reading and researching what I thought was news, Googled it today and found 4,900,000 reference sites with the same information. Granted, most of it was regurgitating the identical information but I was still taken aback that I had never heard of it. Oh, I had heard of it but I just hadn’t made the solid connections which the writers I read had made.

So what was this profound discovery which got my attention but turned out to be old news? It was Obama’s use of hypnotic techniques during campaign speeches and personal encounters to encourage subconscious action on the part of voters and others to gain his own personal objective of election to the presidency. During the process, I studied very carefully a 67 page pdf file which linked his behavior to that outlined by Erickson. It covered word formation, order, pace of delivery, body language, hand signals, and many other features of his pre-election presentations. The writer of this pdf although not the greatest presenter I have ever encountered managed to make an extremely good case. At the least, I renewed old interest which I had years ago in the field.

We have an inborn skepticism about hypnotists and claim that we are resistant to their most persistent attempts. We have mind pictures of sitting in a chair, and on command our heads lolls to the side and we settle into deep sleep. We rightfully fear the effect they might have but generally have little understanding of how the process works. We also don’t fully understand the complexity of our own minds which are the target for the hypnotist. As a review, I did some update on Dr. Erickson’s techniques and revisited many things I had learned long ago and forgotten. As I slogged through the pdf I was reminded of how I had used some of it in sales long ago. The principal lesson is that there is nothing metaphysical about the process. It does require a thorough understanding of the functioning of the human brain and an understanding of the language both in spoken word and body action.

I also came to the unpleasant conclusion that Obama is exceptionally well versed in both. As I reviewed his speeches, I found his delivery masterful in support of his objective. I also noted that he made no sense in much that he had to say. Oh. the usual platitudes came pouring out but they didn’t really seem properly connected. That was, until I was reminded of the Erickson method of hypnosis and suddenly it all fell together.

Here is the URL: and if you choose, and have the time, and a computer, open the Adobe reader and update yourself on the inner workings of the brain. But, please, if you can’t read the whole thing and thoroughly acquaint yourself with the case being made, don’t start. If you are unwilling to devote the time to reading 67 pages with over 190 notes and links, you will come away with an incomplete picture. During this study you will find yourself weighing the affects of the words and contemplating outcomes. It is time consuming. What is worth learning; which is not? While not really all that technical, it will require study beyond a simple read. Keep in mind that you are studying an issue to which Dr. Erickson devoted much of his life.

If I hear from readers that they found this of interest and a threat to America, I will happily pursue it further. If not, I shall shelve it until such time as another election comes along and then demand that it gets the attention that it deserves. Obviously I hope that you find it interesting and threatening enough to merit your attention. As usual, it’s only the welfare of the nation which is at stake. It’s up to you.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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