Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Fine Mess

All of us have known someone in our lives who has hung their hat and their entire reason for living on a single issue. You know what I mean: the Packers lost on Sunday so the world will probably end on Monday, she doesn’t give me a second glance but I shall love her forever, or “mother, if I don’t get that blouse I will just die!” Unfortunately, life is far too complex to allow anything to be the lone source which drives our lives. We live in a world which becomes more complex by the day and requires endless solutions so we can’t enjoy the luxury of a single focus.

This is true for you, your neighbor, your preacher, your doctor and even the love of your life. It is also true for the president of the country. George Bush learned it the hard way when the twin towers fell to the ground eight years ago. It was an event which crowded everything temporarily aside. All the nation’s problems remained but they necessarily took a back seat. In most cases, it was the same for the citizenry. They were glued to the TV awaiting word of the disaster and worrying over what the next move would be by the maniacs who engineered that disaster.

Generally, the things which we identify as paramount in our lives have long range consequences which are the actual problem. If the Packers lose I become concerned about winning the division and making the Super Bowl, winning it and enjoying bragging rights for at least a year. It’s about my ego. That becomes the bigger picture for a selfish fan. If “she doesn’t give me a second glance” I see failure in my pursuit of a suitable mate and life long companion. I can easily envision my peers laughing at my efforts and watching my self-esteem circle the drain. If mother denies the blouse it will not be diagnosed as imminent death but rather the embarrassment of wearing the “same old thing.” Having heard this remark several times I can assure you it is not a sign of impending demise.

By placing undue emphasis on a single issue one prepares the way for disaster. By removing alternative options and insisting on a programmed outcome, we pave the way to failure, embarrassment, and loss of reputation. This is precisely the position our president is currently in with HR 3200. He has unnecessarily placed so much emphasis on this single point that one wonders what the actual goal may be. Since he and those legislators who support it have no personal interest in the outcome because it doesn’t cover their health problems, one need ask why it is so bloody important and why the rush. I don’t pretend to know the minds of these people so I can only speculate.

Passage of the health care initiative as written would result in turning over about 17% of our gross national product to the government. The individual choices so familiar to Americans would vanish with its passage. In conjunction with other bills, TARP, Cash for Clunkers, Cap & Trade, etc. it would provide additional controls over our monies and our lives by the government. As a result, the health care matter, which the president insists MUST be passed by ? may well be the smoke screen to cover the actual intent. And what might that intent be?

Even though I have observed my failure to know their minds, it is becoming increasingly obvious that their goal is the socialization of America. I realize others have suggested it with varying degrees of vehemence but I truly believe that is his primary goal. My interest is not to provide a convenient slogan to battle Obama and the Democrats for re-control of the government. Frankly, I’m less than impressed with the other side of the aisle. What I am impressed with is the Constitution of the United States and the protections it offers from government to each and every citizen. I seek leadership who have truly read, studied and finally, understand that sacred document. That person does not currently occupy the White House.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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