Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Disclaimer re: Astroturfing

Since April 15 this year, we/I have attended 7 public events in opposition to various White House initiatives. I am currently planning a trip to Washington, D.C. in September for the three day Taxpayer March. We are also on the alert for any gatherings or contacts which may arise before that occasion.

On our own initiative, we both have blogs his and hers which deal with our response to various issues which have and will come before the government bodies. Both the inbox and the sent mail files on both our computers are jammed on a daily basis. We both spend several hours a day reading blogs, newsletters, books, pamphlets, mail, and politely talking to anyone who will listen about current and historical matters.

So far this has involved driving a gas hog about six hundred miles and by September 15the trip to DC will have added at least 2500 miles to bring the total to 3100 miles. At 20 mpg, that figures as follows: 3100 ÷ 20 x $2.45 = $379.95. Since I enjoy it, I will be camping on the DC trip and only have an average of about $25.00 per day costs for shower furnished campgrounds for the week. Not including food and impulse buying that gives a rough total of about $525 for the trip coming and those already made.

We are also outfitted with appropriate signage, sturdy shoes, a bull horn, printed handouts and flags. We make all our displays at home so the only cost is the time and a few bucks for sign material. Our ISP’s (one phone hookup and one satellite) come to an additional $125 per month. I have also just updated my computer equipment to the tune of an extra $1000.

Why am I boring you with our finances? I don’t seek nor expect any compensation, donation, or reimbursement for our expenses either in the future or the past. This web site is not a commercial enterprise. It seeks nothing from you other than serious consideration of the thoughts advanced. I offer this information only as evidence of the ridiculous and false charge of “astro-turfing.” It applies equally to millions of our fellow patriots.

Ours, and millions of others, is a grass roots effort. The White House has assigned the other label of astro-turfing to imply that those who object to their nefarious practices have sponsors in various commercial and organizational fields which are the targets of our current government. We are supposedly financed and encouraged by these enterprises to promote their interests. They have taken this from the substitution of AstroTurf on a football field for the natural grass which is difficult to maintain during their ever colder season. The time, energy, and money involved in attempting to return the republic to a sane level is a result of honest love for America and hands on knowledge of our historical way of life. To suggest otherwise is the typical failure of the ruling elites to actually understand and empathize with their fellow citizens.

We don’t want bailouts, cap and trade, socialist health care, an emasculated military, gun control, dozens of “czars”, cars or bars to our former way of life. What we do want is a sensible deliberative body, a court which follows the Constitution and an executive who does not confuse his leadership with royalty. This is inconsistent with the agenda of the current administration. Therefore, as usual, they fall back upon the analogous lie to discredit those who cherish their liberty.

Actually, their use of “astro-turfing” is apt for that which they hope to accomplish. An additional reason for the teams using this product is the increasing presence of mud on the field as the season wears on. Politics is an equally dirty business. As their purposes become ever clearer the political landscape becomes a muddy, filthy mess. The cleanliness provided by AstroTurf would be a welcome addition to their lives. It aint gonna happen.

I am seriously thinking of getting some white pants complete with grass stains to wear at upcoming events. It might well help define the nature of my protest.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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