Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Car Czar – Dave Burge

For those whose interest in cars is lame, Dave Burge is the maestro in charge of Iowahawk, the best rod, carb, deuce coupe, humor, burning rubber and beer blog on the net. He is also the Zion Beckons proposed nominee for the next federal car czar. Seems Mr. Rattner has gone on to other opportunities and needs to be replaced.

Being car czar, or any other kind of czar, is no easy task. Since his predecessor probably couldn’t change the oil on his ride or keep it tidy himself, we have all sensed the need for a hands on czar. Burge is not only handy with a wrench or a roll of duct tape but also a whiz at expressing himself—at least on paper.

He has indicated his willingness to assume this awesome responsibility to serve his country and possibly be able to borrow tools from an auto manufacturer. Hey, every job has its perks. I’m not certain what pay scale goes with the job but it has to result in an enhanced life style at the Burge household.

So, faithful readers, if you get a late-night call from the White House asking for input on this important matter, please keep these good words about Dave Burge in mind. We could, and probably will, do worse.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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