Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drink the Kool-Aid

I can’t really say whether these YouTube entries are actually meaningful or just a lame crutch I use to express my inner-most feelings. More likely, I am just jealous that I don’t have the computer capacity and the wit to put them together.

Although this one has little subtlety, it does present an accurate view which I have of the current administration. I read much from leftist pundits who accuse me, as a right-wing extremist, of being unwilling to have an open mind. I am guilty as charged in this case. I truly believe their accusations are based upon my reluctance to blindly accept their ridiculous propositions without examination. Regardless of party, one should, in my opinion, continue to plumb the depths of reason to determine the actions of all politicians.

There are certainly parts of our laws which could benefit from some fine tuning which would require amendments to the Constitution. The first and foremost would be the enactment of term-limits for legislative posts. Lifetime sinecure for politicos from “safe” districts is a notion the nation can ill afford. If you require examples of this due to failure to follow the business of government you should never be allowed near a voting booth again. Part of my thinking is anecdotal and a result of self-realization that my personal thought processes are not as clear and sustained today as they were ten-twenty-thirty years ago. The written word is available for editing before publishing. Off the cuff speaking (see: Joe Biden) is another matter entirely. Old age, wisdom and mental acuity are not always resident in the same body.

That brings to mind the second suggestion. We need legislation and/or amendment which require that the legislators be subject to each and every law which is passed without exception. No further enactment should include exemption of politicians as a separate and “royal” group. If they are not comfortable with Medicare and Social Security as opposed to special medical facilities (Walter Reed?) and life salary continuation let them get a real job. Were it that citizens had a guarantee of such benefits until death.

For my third issue, I would confess that I do not sense the intent of the founders in their formation of a Supreme Court with lifetime occupants. More study might reveal some profound truth which has escaped my cursory examination of the issue. It would be easier to understand an “emeritus” position on the court with limited input but still retaining influence. Granted, some people do continue to “ripen” with age and manage to avoid the ravages of advancing years but there is no absolute guarantee. Lifetime establishment of any person in any office is typical of dictators, tyrants, and kings and should not be found in a free republic.

As a reminder, the Kool-Aid reference is to the mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana on Nov. 18, 1978 by 909 “temple” members who had established a Marxist colony there. Among the additional nine deaths was that of Congressman Jim Ryan of California who had come to investigate the welfare of some of his former constituents. The actual catalyst for the mixture which was drunk by Jones followers was Flavor Aid and mixed with potassium chloride and potassium cyanide. For further information please see this Wikipedia article.

This established the erroneous “Kool-Aid” as a metaphor for mindless devotion to a political evil and its tragic result. Blindly following on the basis of platitudes and projection of goals which are too good to be true led these people to their demise. If nothing else was accomplished, their actions in Jonestown demonstrated the futility of mindless devotion to a leader or an inherently evil cause.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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