Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So You Think You’re Important

My daughter sent an email with some of the most fascinating pictures on the comparisons of heavenly bodies I have ever seen. They clearly work to the absolute destruction of your idea of your importance in the universe. As I attempted to wrap my feeble brain around the concepts offered in the photos, I watched in my mind’s eye as my ego circled the drain.

To man’s credit, he has had his vision focused on the heavens from the earliest recorded histories. Without benefit of VLA (see ZB post January 28, 2009) to locate and gather information on these celestial bodies, early man quickly learned to attach a spiritual component to their presence. In the noted article you will see how science has evolved to certify these heavenly features. Ever since, but in a gradually more refined manner, we have acquired an ever increasing concept of the universality of our Maker. In this timeless milieu, God has constructed a delicate balance in the unlimited vastness of space.

The montage of photos and digital interpretations follow so give some serious thought to what is represented here.

Well, what did you think of those? I truly believe that every person in a position of leadership should be required to view that series and then direct the affairs of their assignment with a new respect for their actual significance in the universe.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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