Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Disgrace

The people at have a marvelous pro-life commercial. In 41 seconds, it exemplifies the best of arguments for the sustenance of prenatal life. I am grateful to them for their efforts and the effectiveness of their message. Please click on the link and invest less than a minute to watch it.

There is a fly-in-the-ointment however. NBC refuses to run it in the scheduled spot during the game on specious grounds.. They claim they are not interested in ads of “political advocacy or issues.” What they are really saying is that they are not interested in any ad which goes against the leftist grain. If it does not fit the insidious framework of backing every lunatic leftist cause, they will censor it.

They have devoted endless hours of air time attacking the war in Iraq using liberally the casualty figures as justification. The number of killed over six years of war comes to a little under 5,000; in the exact same time frame, the number of babies in the US, uselessly killed, is tallied at just over 7,500,000. Where is the moral equivalence?

Along the same line is an AP report on a California woman who has delivered eight (!!!) babies to augment her existing six. The occurrence of octuplets is extremely rare. For them all to be live births is even rarer. Only one of the children required additional oxygen after birth. The other children, all under ten, are extremely excited about the eight newly born.

In a moment of editorializing by the reporter, the question was raised as to why she did not abort a few of the babies prior to the birth. To even suggest it is, I believe, barbaric. The attending doctor was questioned about it and said, in effect, that he was there to preserve life and not act as “population police.” All congratulations to the family and also to the doctor. God has smiled.

I find the continued murder of the young increasingly tiresome. I also see it as the greatest threat to our country. Some may be concerned about floods, fires, earthquakes, meteors and wayward comets resulting in the ultimate destruction of the planet but I rather believe the elimination of our most valuable resource, children, to be a far greater threat. We must be vocal in our opposition to this genocide. It has wrought far more deaths than the Holocaust, the terrors of the Gulag, and all the tin-pot dictators of Africa combined. It totals close to 40,000,000 and counting. Act now and do your part no matter how small it may seem to you at the time. Be heard!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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