Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 74

Traveling and blogging would be great companions if one had a lap top. Absent that, one has to borrow computer time from a variety of sources and the slight variation of configurations makes for poor work—but not impossible.

I did arrive in Phoenix in time for the start of the “Rock and Roll" Arizona marathon. Although the epitome of confusion, it was an experience I would have been sorry to miss. Understand that there were 44,000 runners and none of them came to the site alone. Our party amounted to nineteen souls including mom (the runner) and dad, the kids, the brother and his family, other pals from home and the ever faithful grandmas and grandpas. It’s impossible to know for sure but I am certain every runner there averaged a support party of a least ten persons producing an audience of nearly a half a million. This number was augmented by tens of thousands of locals who lived near the route who turned out in huge numbers to cheer on the participants.

I personally managed to show up at miles 6, 10, 17, and 20 to give support to my daughter in her effort. One quickly learns how to negotiate the byways, alleys, and back entrances to businesses where parking is available. I will admit that seeing ones kin come running up and passing is a thrill that is hard to duplicate. The reward lies in their huge smile of recognition.

The event started near the capitol complex and wound its way through 26 miles of city streets with iconic names to visitors like Camelback, Indian School, Mc Clintock, and Scottsdale Road. The finish line was in a park just south of the Salt River in Tempe near Rural Road and University. Close to the finish, there happened to be a simultaneous event: the second to last NFL game for the Phoenix Cardinals for the year and, in victory, the one which propelled them into the Super Bowl. What could possibly go wrong here?

The crush of traffic at University and Rural was paralytic to both fans of the marathon and football. This was augmented by some extremely tired runners who had just finished and were walking away from the site. The streets were jammed, the sidewalks were jammed and any other available space was filled with cops, troopers, sheriffs, deputies and other helpless authorities trying to get things moving. For what it’s worth, there were more than a few folks trying to get to church that Sunday morning. I suspect that many of them failed.

It was not my daughter’s intention to win but to support the cause of cancer research the event sponsored. An entry requirement was to raise $3400 in support of that effort in order to participate. It is with pride that I report here her time of 5 hours and 36 minutes in the effort. As is the case with so many of the runners, her primary goal was to finish. She did! God bless her!

Mourning in America

Today marks the last day in the happenings of an eventful three day series. The race on Sunday, MLK day on Monday and finally this morning we have a new chief executive. I have decided, in a rare moment of fairness, to draw my conclusions about the new president based on his performance after the inauguration and not on the blather which persisted during his campaign appearances. There is after all, a world of difference between promises to get elected and the practical nature of governing what could well turn out to be a nation, ungovernable.

Although, not my choice, he is entitled to my prayers for Divine support and wisdom in the pursuit of his new duties. He would certainly not be the first to be bailed out by God in a time of need. I suspect that all of us have seen God come to our rescue at one time or another if we were able to humble ourselves before Him. I truly believe that it is the only pathway which will lead not only to personal salvation, but also the preservation of the nation. Please join me in this all-out effort.

And Finally

Tomorrow, I shall leave for Las Vegas and retreat into the absolute joy of traveling a road so familiar and reminiscent of so many happy times in my life. Now that the marathon is behind we may all be able to visit and renew our connections.

I plan to do a post soon on an installation I visited in New Mexico on the way here. It carries the interesting abbreviation of VLA. When I first saw the letters, I amused myself trying to figure out their meaning but nothing seemed to fit. Unlike the usual penchant for government to assemble titles of unpronounceable words and phrases, I was delighted to find this multi-billion dollar outfit described as: Very Large Array. More later on its purpose which I am sure you will find interesting.

I shall now excuse myself and proceed to Santa Rita and commune with the “birdies”, “eagles,” and more—likely— the bogies.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Lyndon said...

Glad to hear from you again. I had not seen a post in several days and was missing an account of your life and thoughts.