Thursday, December 18, 2008


It is an interesting word which entered the lexicon just before the turn of the twentieth century. Outside the scientific community, it had little currency until the advent of the new religion called “Global Warming.” It is defined by that which is caused in nature by manmade provocation. It has become the operative word in today’s relentless campaign to assign terror to every raindrop, dry spell, and other weather event to identify the evil of men to use the resources God assigned to our care. The entire effort is useless unless man is the designated culprit. Especially, it is necessary to pillory those who would dare to profit from their own labors.

Not everyone takes anthropogenic global warming (AGW) seriously. Some months ago, our regular readers will remember, we furnished a short video to display the talents and good sense of the M4GW organization. That would be Minnesotans for Global Warming. If ever any group of people joyfully awaited the outcome of global warming it would be Minnesotans. They gathered in a ratty trailer with their musical instruments and amid the snows of a typical “gopher” winter, begged for an increase in global temperatures. They were more than willing to trade their hockey sticks for suntan lotion and also their snow covered pines for palm trees.

That noble band has a later edition which you will find delightful. Follow the link, and enjoy their latest effort.

I came across it as I was reading various sources concerning the latest freakish (?) weather throughout the nation. 10” snow in Chicago, ice storms in New England, fog, snow and ice here in the Ozarks, snow above Malibu, and not least we enjoyed reading about the record (greatest since 1979) snow and cold in Las Vegas. A snow which I have confirmed from a reliable source will be gone completely by noon.

Do not miss this video; it is great.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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