Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When Wright becomes Wrong

I have come to believe that the biggest problem with mounting a campaign of facts against Obama is his shadowy complicity in difficult to understand programs. These are clouded with language, phrasing, and duplicity which hide the vile underpinnings of their purpose. For those who see American Idol as news, it is especially difficult.

Supplying high sounding words, closed meetings, and difficult to follow financial transactions are the bread and butter of his campaign. This is why finding intelligent people to sort through the mess become a joy. Stanley Kurtz is such a man. He managed to defeat the barriers raised by the conservators of the Annenberg Challenge documents. It was no easy task. It was necessary to document the complicated relationships of Obama, Wright and Ayers in their attempt to scuttle the already failing educational establishment in Chicago.

I would love to furnish an “easy read” for your consumption but thanks to the principals, that is not possible. I do assure you that Mr. Kurtz has done the heavy lifting for you and all that is required is your undivided attention, some of your valuable time, and a strong stomach. Once you have completed your inquiry you will have a far better grip on the entire situation. I promise that reading this piece will bring you a rich understanding of the matter.

The overarching message I took from this was the accent on increasing a divisive posture on a huge segment of American society. The nation’s purpose in spending 600,000 plus of our young men in the Civil War was to enable full citizenship and assimilation into the richness of our country’s liberty and benefits. Would that Abraham Lincoln could see the fractured response presented by this cabal of elites to overturn his goals and hard won victories on the battlefield. Those who have no knowledge of the truth of America’s success will be easily led to believe the lies so cleverly presented.

Men of honor and integrity are laced into the complete history of our country. From the very inception of the republic, they have stood tall to insure our future success. To ignore their sacrifice and nobility to yield to the insane ranting of those who, in Wright’s word, “damn” America, will insure the destruction of everything which we hold dear. This is serious business and it requires serious opposition.

God, in His wisdom, has provided us a place of untold blessings. He has guided our forefathers to construct a government which has no parallel in history. In the face of His immense largess will we allow it to be destroyed by an emotional appeal by a man and his cronies who cannot even bring his message from his heart and not a teleprompter?

You are not called upon in this circumstance to don the armor and weapons of bloody personal contact. You are, however, required to furnish yourself with every available piece of information you can acquire to share with your fellow citizens to insure they fully understand the horrible mistake they may well be about to make.

You do not have to be a Latter Day Saint of any stripe to appreciate the words of Moroni when faced with a serious adversary. He charged his followers to action with these words written upon a piece of cloth rent from his own body, “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives and our children.” (Alma 21:41) In the next verse, he knelt in prayer “unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren so long as there should be a band of Christians remain to possess the land.”

Our liberties are being assaulted as well. Choose whatever level of the struggle you can manage, but choose! Do it for the preservation of your freedoms.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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