Sunday, September 7, 2008

Political Repentance

There comes a time when every voter needs to accumulate more information about the candidates. For the average Democrat voter who favors his party’s goals, there is information in the following link which will arm him with knowledge of what he is now up against. To not know your enemy is to court disaster. In the course of last week, the foes of Obama, as well as the rest of the country, saw repentance at work.

For Republicans, their leadership acknowledged their prior faults and pledged a sea change of improvement in an extremely substantive manner. This was not accomplished in some smoke filled room out of sight but rather in a public display watched by 40,000,000 people—the most in history to have seen a political convention.

Bill Whittle has demonstrated not only complete knowledge of the candidates but, even more important, insight into the meaning of recent events. Voter’s of both parties need this brilliant appraisal to properly support their candidates. On either side, this more subtle view of the situation is ignored at your peril. If nothing else, enjoy that a national figure has an appreciation of repentance and the possibility of redemption.

In His Abiding love

Cecil Moon

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