Sunday, September 14, 2008

Answered Prayers

I think I have just about run through every emotional response possible in the last few days. The surprises of the election season have come at me thick and fast. I believe it all started at Saddleback Church during the Rick Warren interview with the candidates. It was the first opportunity to hear candid responses from each and form an opinion of who thinks and reacts better when not in a scripted situation. This was soon followed by the conventions with highs and lows for each, plus the stunning announcement from Senator McCain of his vice presidential pick.

As I have maintained in previous posts, this decision to pick Gov. Sarah Palin for a running mate has defied belief in its genius. It has the affect of enervating both sides to rise above their former level of activity and to maximize their efforts to secure their individual goals.

In the case of the McCain supporters, Mrs. Palin represents everything they could possibly wish for in a candidate. Arch conservative, mother of five, experienced in governance, pro-life to the core, quick thinking, and eminently presentable. The timing was perfect and effectively robbed Obama of his moment of glory after his acceptance speech. After reading thousands of comments on the net, I can only conclude that her choice has electrified her party, women, and independents as well. The only person I can think of who has demonstrated no surprise is the candidate himself, John McCain. He has shown no sign other than confidence in his choice.

To say that McCain’s choice has been polarizing would be the understatement of the season.. I have read the blogs, newspapers, magazines; seen television commentators, heard radio personalities and talked to individual citizens and found no one who does not have an opinion one way or the other. No fence sitters need apply. Up until now I was of the opinion that the average bear couldn’t care less about the fate of the nation. I had talked myself into the notion that the vast body politic didn’t pay any attention until the last week of October. Traditionally, candidates pick running mates who can enhance the name recognition factor. Before she was named, Mrs. Palin’s reputation stopped somewhere around Tok Junction. Today, I suspect, that only those in a coma or otherwise incapacitated (down a well, in solitary confinement or afflicted like Helen Keller) would fail to recognize the name of Sara Palin and be able to furnish a minimal biography. They even know the names of her kids.

The effect on the other side (DNC) has been to supply endless “forced errors” on the part of the candidate and his staff. In their haste to discredit the opposition they have committed a string of gaffes which work to blunt criticism and make them look ill prepared and amateurish. A case in point is the accusation (false) that McCain ignores the internet and can’t even send emails. Of course he can’t. His Viet Cong captors at the Hanoi Hilton subjected to him to bone breaking torture which renders his ability to type nearly impossible forcing him to rely upon his staff.

Such indecency has become the rule in opposition to the GOP ticket and the avalanche of new found support for Mrs. Palin. They have escalated the ad hominem attacks by a ridiculous factor and have wound up looking crass and mean spirited. The candidate who was perpetually on the offense with criticism of and roadblocks to the current administration is now on nearly full time defense. Like any caged, wounded or cornered animal the left has discarded reason and can be found snarling and fighting back in desperation. I can easily imagine the planning sessions of various campaign committees as they throw accusations of incompetence, ineptitude and blame. Were this a third world despotic state, I would applaud it but America deserves better than this on the part of ALL its candidates.

In quiet sober reflection I have questioned how this all came about. It was then that the obvious hit me. I, and millions of other Christians, have daily included the state of the nation in their prayers. They have earnestly sought God’s guidance for our national leaders as we have for over the two and quarter centuries of our country’s existence. Our coinage and currency carry the acknowledgement “In God We Trust.” The folks who offer these prayers to the Almighty believe that He hears them and within the context of His will acts accordingly. Faith does not require that we understand His actions; only that we believe in Him and understand that He loves us.

As I read scripture, I am constantly amazed at the everyday devices which God uses to alter man’s dangerous situations. God sent Joshua on a walking tour to defeat a city. He sent David to represent the Israelites and use the common tools of a shepherd to defeat Goliath. When faced with Pharaoh He provided locusts, frogs, blood and other simple things in massive amounts to convince him. It goes on and on and what I take from it is: deliverance can take any form He chooses for it to take. I would like to think I am a man of faith but I must confess I did not see the answer to the countries problems in a former beauty queen.

This would certainly not be the first time a woman has been the instrument of His will. I should probably be faulted for any measure of reluctance to accept what, upon greater reflection, is obviously a miracle.You may disagree and say that the Creator would not indulge in this type of activity. Only God is all knowing so you may well be right and I may be in error. But, for now, I am more than willing to see a Godsend in this person who ideally fills the role so urgently required to help defeat a demonstrated advocate of the destruction of all we hold dear.

Personally, I shall thank Him for His wisdom and power, and for the gift of Sarah Palin. I doubt if I would get any argument from those innocents in the womb who face death as a result of abortion. Just think about it.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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