Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Apology

Earlier this week in a post titled “It’s Called Murder” I alerted the readers to the CNN event hosted by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church in California. I encouraged all our readers to tune in to the event and hear the two candidates give their views to Pastor Warren. In the process I included the following paragraph:

“This matter is one which deserves an airing. That exposure will possibly come this Saturday night when both Obama and McCain will be present at Saddleback Church in Orange Country, California as the guests of Rick Warren. They will mutually attend a discussion group which has been labeled as “Leadership and Compassion”. It will be a test for all three of the principals involved. For McCain, we look forward to a firm response in favor of the unborn if the subject is broached. For Obama, we may see clarification of a very un-compassionate stance. The greatest test will be for Rick Warren to find if his idea of Christian leadership includes curiosity about the candidate’s attitude toward the sanctity of life.”

I acknowledge that the last sentence was “snarky” and prejudiced by opinions I had formed in advance about Rev. Warren. He did indeed present the question on abortion in clear terms. His handling of the interview with each candidate was evenhanded and scrupulously fair. In contrast to my pre-formed opinion, he appeared to be the ideal person to conduct the program.

I was wrong. I apologize to you, my readers and especially to Pastor Warren.

Thank you for reading.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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