Sunday, July 20, 2008

National Public Rip-off

I followed a lead to an article which was featured by NPR (National Public Radio) about a couple of folks in northern Ohio. I was eager to follow the story of their plight and discover why NPR took such an interest.

Ms Nunez’s father worked for General Motors for 45 years and apparently provided a fine living for his family. The piece doesn’t say what happened to him or his wife. We are provided with the information that Ms Nunez is divorced and on some sort of social security benefit plus food stamps. She lives in publicly subsidized housing ($100 per month) and complains about food costs, lack of public transportation (her van broke down,) and a shortage of local jobs. She and her daughter are both unemployed.

Let us understand clearly that my spouse believes I am very cold. I took one look at the picture and came close to understanding at least a part of the problem. Folks, it would take a lot of groceries to maintain those two.. This could well be the greatest crisis in their lives and put them on the road to recovery from a serious food addiction.

I am worn out from tales of grief from the likes of NPR about the poverty stricken when it is obvious they have never missed a meal, a snack, or any other opportunity to cram edible material in their mouth. Please save any comments about “glandular problems;” I just don’t buy it.

There was no coverage on either of these two ladies taking advantage of educational packages available to upgrade their skills in anticipation of better employment opportunities. No comment was made about leaving this obviously distressed community to find a better life elsewhere. One friend suggested that the daughter might consider having a child as that would increase their public benefits. This is a prospect that I am reluctant to even address on a family oriented blog.

When I first brought this up I was confused and thought that the referring link had, in a warped attempt at humor, directed me to the Onion. When I discovered it was a serious (?) website, I definitely got my Irish up. I admit severe resentment of the NPR and the public funding which they employ to bring pap such as this. To even think that this type of reporting is subsidized by your tax dollars and mine is reprehensible.

I think I shall just close this before I entertain a thought which will earn me eternal condemnation.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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