Friday, June 6, 2008

He is Risen!!!

No, not Him, him! To follow the template laid down by the press and the Comintern, the anointing of Barack Hussein Obama has taken place. In the stampede to create a new messiah, the phalanx of Democrat candidates in waiting was reduced to two and the apparent winner is—drum roll please—well, by now you already know.

There is very little room left under the bus for anyone else to be “thrown.” Grandma was first to go, followed in turn by Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Fr. Pfleger, the Reverend Meeks, and finally the entirety of the congregation and organizational structure of Trinity United Church in Chicago. So far we have heard no disavowal of Louis Farrakhan. No person or persons are exempt from the carnage if there is a hint that it may impede the progress of the chosen one to ascension to the presidency.

The European press, public figures and tin pot dictators world wide are in a state of ecstasy over the news of his survival in the race. They recognize the enormous possibilities an Obama victory in November would have for their own particular narrow frame of interest. The opportunity to continue bullying the world’s greatest superpower would be immeasurably enhanced by his presence in the oval office. No doubt the terrorists in Baghdad would be celebrating in the streets by firing in the air and blowing things up if they were not concerned about drawing the attention of the surge forces. Also, they dare not waste their short supply stores of ammunition on such frivolity.

There is no question that congratulations are in order for the Senator from Illinois. He conducted a masterful campaign and demonstrated a natural gift for the American Art of seeking higher office. It was also evident that he had spent his twenty years honing his skills in Chicago politics to his best advantage. He well understands that to which the electorate responds and implements it with skill. The upcoming convention in Denver will cement the whole affair and act as a “half-time” for this infernal and eternal campaign. Although his electability in the general election remains to be seen, it is probable he will be a formidable foe.

Unlike his final opponent, he treated each and every state (all 57?) as important and campaigned strenuously in each. He also did his homework in the mysterious arena of the “super delegates” and has apparently secured the endorsement of a sufficient number to ensure success at the convention. This is a remarkable achievement for man with a scant three years experience on the national scene. Calling on his record is difficult for the senator since he has called in absent for most of the votes. When not in absentia, he did manage to earn the title of the most liberal voting record holder in the U.S. Senate.

It brings to mind another young lawyer from Illinois who managed to capture the hearts of the people through oratory. Some feel they were poured from the same mold. In fact, his latest serious opponent even called to mind the eventuality that extremely popular and charismatic candidates are subject to assassination.

The only thing missing from the picture is the presence of warts, worry lines and the fatigue brought on by a genuine concern for the state of the union. For the real thing, check out the portrait on the face of a five dollar bill. Almost forgotten is the man who was the featured speaker at Gettysberg (November 19, 1863) Edwin Everett. Billed as a famous orator, he droned on for 13,607 words of flowery oratory to mark the occasion and enhance his reputation.

The president was an afterthought to participate in the dedication ceremony. He used the occasion to state the most widely memorized, repeated and beloved of all presidential addresses. In 271 words he summed up his feeling for the nation, its fallen dead (671,000 by that date) and their contribution to the future of the country. What he sought for the nation was summarized almost parenthetically in the last sentence as, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom…” and finally, “shall not perish from the earth.” These hallowed words reflect the feelings of his heart for the dead, his love of the republic, and his prayer for its continuance.

Again we offer our congratulations to the Democrat front runner while urging him to understand his fellow politician from Illinois and allow concern for the United States to be uppermost in his mind.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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