Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Any dogma that requires belief in things unseen and unquantifiable necessarily leads to a religion We have discussed this aspect of the global warming cult ad nauseum. In the interest of encouraging our readers to read, investigate and think for themselves, we shall continue to beat this dead horse incessantly.

Apologists for the “global warming” movement are even further embarrassed today by the release by a group of actual scientists in Germany, of sound data on the reality of projected climate changes. Unimpressed by factual research, the “warmers” continue their gloom and doom scenario and continue to assign blame for every breeze and shower to man made causes accompanied by predictions of the end of civilization as we know it.

In an interesting piece in the Telegraph of London, we find confirmation of the false and hysterical claims of the sect. Unlike much of our press, they—the Telegraph—are not hesitant to accept and print the debunking of the “computer model” predictions which have alarmed many of our people and legions of celebrities.

Perhaps the most amusing aspect of all of these stories is the rush by the AlGorigists to mask the obvious cooling trends and charge the threat from man made causes of any size to man’s output of carbon. Like many churches,(see yesterday’s Rant) they are reluctant to link the miraculous reality of our creation and its subsequent continuance to our Divine Creator. Never mind that it has functioned for eons and will continue to do so with us or without us.

Everything on this earth has the capacity to be beneficial or to destroy. It is a matter of use and also recognition of that capacity in the extreme. What is more welcoming than to come in out of the cold and wet to a blazing fire on the hearth which provides the warmth and comfort we so desire? What is also more terrifying than watching a forest or a home burn in an out of control conflagration? It is a matter of degree. The showers upon the earth which render the ground receptive to fields of grain, flowers, and grasses for the animals become a terrifying extreme in excess as manifest by flood, tsunami, and tidal surge. Both of these examples often result in massive loss of life, property, and general comfort. Does this mean that our lives are out of control?

No, God has equipped us with the ability to make decisions which ameliorate the hazards and enjoy the benefits. The presence of a well maintained flue, a fire screen, supervision and other precautions may prevent tragedy. Keeping ground fuels at a safe level, properly extinguishing camp fires, avoiding inflammables in tinder dry conditions and a general sense of “where you are” are all aids to escaping the natural and inevitable possibility of fire in a forest. For those who insist upon living by the sea (lake, river, bayou, pond, etc.) the eventuality of flood water having a disastrous affect is only a matter of time. There is much to recommend life near the water but the downside is the constant threat.

Unlike many others on the planet, we have dual agency. We have that which is inherent in our creation and a gift from God, plus; we have the liberty provided by our constitution which protects our rights as free men and women. We may make decisions both wise and importune. If we choose to be careless, we may witness the sight of a towering fire, up close and personal. If we implement our dream of a watery view, we may experience it in undesired amounts. As individuals, we have right to make these choices and therefore share the responsibility of the result.

We also need to accept that the planet offers other more cataclysmic events which appear totally out of control. For example: earthquake predictability is a rough science at best. Tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes and excessive straight line winds while predictable in the short term are subject to the whims of nature. Who is to say exactly what and where the next event will be.

This morning we were alerted to a storm in Burma (Myanmar) with confirmed dead in excess of 15,000 with 30,000 reported missing. It will undoubtedly rank with the deadliest recorded killer storms. With a coast line of 1199 miles, it is especially vulnerable since the population is closest to the lowest elevations. Their problems are exacerbated by the presence of huge rice fields in the Irrawady Delta which were largely destroyed and an already incompetent infrastructure supplying water and electricity to the victims. The local oppressive regime further complicates matters by resisting relief attempts.

The natural mechanisms of the planet will prevail. The most prevalent of those is “change.” It was created by God to develop of its own accord. This sometimes involves extreme danger to those who live here and is often unavoidable. Rather than be constantly intimidated by the possibilities—which will occur—it seems a better course to live in preparation of the next life—which will also occur.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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