Friday, April 4, 2008

Musical Genius

You may trust me when I tell you that I have never watched American Idol. It is also my intention to never ever watch it. We already have an over-abundance of celebrities in our culture. I find the public’s reaction to this type of programming shallow and vacuous. From various comments and general reactions to this blog I believe our readership has a seriousness which precludes them from being fans of this sort of thing.

As a life long musician (baritone, guitar, trumpet, piano, etc.,) I have developed an overly critical view of performance artists. I can barely tolerate listening to over paid and under talented people take the stage. If you think I am curmudgeonly about faith, politics and global warming you haven’t seen the epitome of high dudgeon when I am exposed to “artists” who are untrained, unprepared and untalented. For what it’s worth, I am also highly critical of my own performances. If folks are going to devote time and their attention I feel that I owe them preparation on my part. At the least, a church “talent night” features offerings which have a measure of sincerity to offset a lack of musical training.

Imagine my pleasure and complete surprise when I found this link while surfing the net this morning. This young lady demonstrates the talent, poise, discipline and God given skills to impress even the most critical observer. If you click on no other link this year, this one should be your number one choice. Enjoy it to the fullest.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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