Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day of Remembrance

The primary purpose of Zion Beckons is to advance the teachings of Jesus Christ to promote a Zionic lifestyle. Our scriptures are filled with dire warnings of calamities which will befall those of us who ignore the words of God. We shudder with fear at the prospect of devastating earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters which will be the price of not heeding his Word.

When the people attempted to flee from Egypt, were the unbelievers subjected to plagues and terrors from an earth in upheaval? The plagues which subsequently came to impress the Pharaoh and the people were definitely natural but not the ones we are occasionally promised. They came cloaked as, when seen individually, seemingly innocent incidents. What is the problem with finding an occasional locust, frog, gnat or fly? When these are amplified, as only God can do, they become a plague. A little blood as a result of clumsiness is a minor matter; when the entire water supply is polluted it becomes a major disaster. It took Pharaoh a long time to get the picture. Even to the end, he didn’t fully understand.

Do we believe the adversary is not capable of delivering a plague? Does he take time off from his deviltry to relax and enjoy his many accomplishments? Just looking back on my own history of temptation and sin, I see him active 24/7. Even though my resistance level has been enhanced by the presence of God in my life today, I still see evidence of the offerings of Satan. The point is to recognize evil regardless of how it is clothed. This brings me to discuss the primary evil which threatens us today as a nation.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the most devastating attack on American soil in history by a foreign enemy. My age works against popular feeling today as I recall the events of December 7, 1941. I also recall the absolute dedication among our people to avenge the death and destruction wrought on that day. We, as a people, were unprepared but committed to return peace to a world stricken by fanatical enemies. We were unashamed to call upon Almighty God to aid us in the cause. And, aid us He did.

In the early forties, every American could easily identify the enemy and could also understand what personal sacrifice was necessary to enable their defeat. Today, I believe, we are engaged in a far more titanic struggle. We face an enemy who outnumbers us by a factor of five to one. We face an enemy who has a creed which offers us three alternatives; conversion, enslavement or death. We face an enemy who enjoys (?) a birthrate of 4.1 as opposed to our 2.1. In a war of attrition, we lose! We face an enemy who enjoys the sympathy of our media, many clergy, and, in some cases our elected leaders. This enemy has a name: radical Islam.

As usual, we suffer again from that old bugaboo, category error. We have set the blame for our struggle everywhere but where it really belongs: radical Islam. Some claim we deserved our fate six years ago. Others blame a war mongering president. Still others say it’s all about oil. Hogwash. It’s about over a billion (that’s with a B) people who choose to profane their holy book and read in it a recipe for disaster for the free world. They abhor the one nation which still preserves the God given liberties to man in its Constitution. Having never experienced it, they can not enjoy freedom. Oppression is natural for a people who treat women as chattel and rig sixth graders with explosives to commit suicide. This is not some amusing third world culture with a few crazy ideas. It is, rather, over a fifth of the world’s population bent on our absolute destruction. Place the blame where it truly belongs: radical Islam!

Even casual readers of our scriptures are familiar with the strife believers in Jesus Christ have endured. They are also familiar with God’s ability to ennoble certain men as leaders and battlefield commanders to achieve His ends. We are not alone in this enterprise. He is with us if only we can recognize the enemy. Peace, harmony, and “love” have a nice ring but they do not typify those words required to prevail over the vilest enemy we have ever faced. We need, especially on this “Day of Remembrance”, to rededicate ourselves to the defeat of that which God deplores. This satanic enemy has a name; use it! Radical Islam.

In His abiding love.

Cecil Moon


Patricia Ragan said...

I'm sorry, but I think that Radical Islam is "small thinking." The enemy is not people. The enemy is not flesh and blood. The human enemies are those who are the vessels for powers we cannot physically defeat. If we don't see the real enemy, we are lost.

[Ephesians 6:10] Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

[Ephesians 6:11] Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

[Ephesians 6:12] For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Seeker said...

Patricia and all:

Thank you for your interest and your comment.

I must not have made it clear that I was speaking to the entire people of our nation, not just those of the Restoration. In that vein, I do not see “small thinking” from the threat of over 1,200,000,000 Muslims. Neither do I see “small thinking” in the slaughter of 3,000 Americans six years ago. I also am hesitant to identify the sacrifice of an additional 4,000+ young men and women on the field of battle against radical Islam, representative of ”small thinking.” Their willingness to serve and give everything to wage this battle against an un-Godly foe is exemplary of the finest gift that anyone can give.

Islam is the anti-Christ personified. It is the adversary in his finest hour in an all out effort to destroy, not only America and the free world, but every plan of God. Please note the final sentence of the essay: “This satanic enemy has a name; use it! Radical Islam.”

We seem to have a problem as a people of casting a shade of murkiness over issues of gigantic importance. If the adversary and the Islamic followers succeed in their long range plans, we will all have to go to a mosque for permission and permits to build a temple. There is no room for political correctness in this issue.

I apologize for not making this abundantly clear. I see this as Satan vs. God with man in the middle. Not to worry though, God will prevail. When it’s over, I would really like to be on the winning team.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Recommended reading: Public Schools Against America; Marlin Maddoux; Whitaker House, 2006

defoog said...

I am sorry, but do you literally believe that a natural disaster like a tornado or an earthquake is the direct result of punishment by God?
I cannot affirm such a belief.
Actually it isn't clear what you believe from your post. In once case you seem to blame God for devatating plaguery and in another breath you blame the adversary.

How convenient to have someone to blame!

Oh how the literalization of scripture has usurped the truth of God and deceived us beyond compare! How our religion has become a mockery and an idolatry!

Your post suggests that it is OK for certain things to be done if a Christian does it; but not if a person of some other religion does it. I am sorry, but such a position is untenable for me.

Any action of violence, hatred, diminishment, or debasement is not only un-God-ly but can never be justified, irrespective of one's religious belief. And more importantly, adopting some particular creed does not give license to any such actions.

The problem (enemy) isn't Islam. The problem is religious idoatry, religious radicalism, religious fanaticism and religious imperialism in any and every form; whether you call God Jesus, Allah, Mike or Jane, or cow or rock.

Sadly, your very post reveals the real problem, which is why it is so insidious; and which is why the finger is always pointed away.

God, help us to trust You and love You and be molded to Your Way as Your Spirit works and moves within us and among us. Amen

btw I have read your recommended book.

Patricia Ragan said...

What I should have said, in addition, is if you are looking at human enemies, there are many more enemies to Christ than only Muslims. This is bigger than that. If we think of all the other radical humanist religions, they are all "anti Christ." There are not that many Christians in the world, and there are fewer Christians who are more than social-gospel Christians.