Thursday, August 9, 2007

Saints Orthodox Reunion

I was only able to escape my responsibilities locally for about forty hours total. I drove up Tuesday am and returned just before midnightWednesday. How to tell of this glorious experience?

I have rarely been in any gathering of people, for any purpose, short of some military assignments, where the focus was so intensely centralized. It was was centered on Jesus Christ, His mission for us all, and to verify the avenues available to us to achieve our goals.

With no insult intended for the planners, speakers, and organizers, the real accomplishments were realized in the small groups sharing testimonies and the gospel outside the formal settings. Let me re-emphasize the point that the formal programs were extremely well done. The personal interchanges were exceptionally valuable. The setting, Odessa Campground, although Spartan in amenities, is ideal for our group. The food service was excellent, especially if you like “brown” food, and I do. In the final analysis, I enjoyed the opportunity to become acquainted with and share with other like minded Saints.

I confess that my only complaint is probably my own fault. In retrospect, I didn’t really have or take the time to be with many younger people. I believe this is my loss. There seemed to be a lot of kids and any contact I had found them to be well behaved, courteous, helpful and eagerly
pursuing their own activities. Next time I promise to make more effort in that regard. Given their observed deportment, they will probably be long suffering and tolerate a geezer in their midst.

If you read this in time and are anywhere close to Odessa you still have the chance to take advantage of this marvelous opportunity. Please do. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it for our Lord.

Thank you,

Cecil Moon


Equally Coy said...

"brown" food?

Seeker said...

Brown Food: Hamburgers, brown gravy, baked beans, chocolate cake, chocolate pie, chocolate ice cream, you get the picture. More interesting and usually more tasty than say, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, cottage cheese . . .

Patricia Ragan said...

I wish I lived closer. We made a fast and furious trip to Kansas City last Thursday and returned on Saturday to Tyler, TX. (We went through Carthage.)I wish I had Restoration friends to visit with in person. Internet is great, but sometimes you need a flesh and blood person.

Patricia Ragan said...

By the way, mashed spuds with brown gravy, white gravy, yellow gravy (chicken)--all great stuff. I heard an elder once say he believed the "white fruit" on the tree of life was actually white potatoes.

Seeker said...

Good point. But consider this: White potatoes start out brown (or red) so I guess you could consider them brown food.