Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ode to the Rich the Wise and the Learned

The learned and the wise have with
great wisdom called people of
different natures, concerns, ideas, and
purposes together in the name of Jesus
Christ, preparing them for service.
Their diligence and perfection to
hold their congregations together is their
determined intent. So much so that they
have become confused as to whose congregation it is.
To hold fast to their determined
purposes they cannot permit the intrusion
of anyone who might cast some unknown
conjecture ino the mix.
Their wisdom and service is
based on their own wisdom, baptizing one
and losing a family, and their record is
as one finds the conditions of today.
“The wisdom of the wise shall be
made foolish.” Like Laman they have
claimed seniority; all things through them.
They have despised the
unlearned, even though the unlearned
and despised are called to eat at the table
of the Lord.
The man who has been filled with
Holy Fire is set aside, demeaned and
humiliated while serving the fervor of
keeping the congregations of the Lord
The teaching of the wise is to
insure a larger congregation, while the
teaching of the despised is to separate the
goats from the lambs.
The Lord is no respecter of
persons; HIS word is a sharp, two edged
sword. HIS servants are subject to God’s
will, not the will of the wise and learned.
The wise and the learned admonish
that we must wait for further
signs from God. An evil and seditious
doctrine that is second only to their other
doctrine that “we are good enough.”
Under this guise and pretense
that they have an honorable doctrine
which supercedes the Spiritual
preferences of Jesus Christ. With
ritualistic piety they turn the grace of our
God into lasciviousness.
Placing whole congregations into
chains of darkness. Preaching patience,
long suffering, "bless those who
spitefully use you, pray for your enemy,
be meek, be humble," while they themselves
construe every admonishment for perfect
obedience as a personal affront to their
integrity, their forbearers integrity, their
cousins, aunt and uncles.
Using this protocol they tear
down the stranger, the angel, and the
Holy Scriptures to their own satisfaction.
Like all people, the wise, the
learned have the capability of repentance
or hate. To face this moment as a problem
or an opportunity. To climb the white
horse and charge the windmill of their
minds, to slay the dragon they imagine so
to speak.
Is this their proudest moment?
The pride of their day? They join
themselves together with legalese,
abandoning grace and charity, to thrust
home their latest precepts.
When they appear before the
judgment bar their opportunity to repent
is withdrawn.
This lamentation will not be
signed; the author will not be named. So
you will find no body to kick, or soul to be
damned, to direct yourselves away from
your self examination.
The wise and the learned say
“Contention is not of me sayeth the Lord.”
But the Lord has said “contend with my mighty ones.”
The righteous reading this will
rejoice; the evil will give themselves away
by their fierce hate and anger. I judge no
one, oh man, judge thyself. Amen.

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