Tuesday, August 28, 2007

***Help Wanted***

Provoked by comments on the Center Place message board, I have given some serious thought to job descriptions for sundry offices in the church. What are the perks there? What does it pay? What are the hours and how’s the health insurance package? Are there educational requirements or at least substitutable “life experience?” Can we use the same employment agency for all positions? Is it possible to hire without using the entire panoply of non-exclusionary criteria, gender, age, race, national origin, sexual preference etc.? As usual, I raise more questions than I can answer.

I choose to express my interest in a facetious manner because I think the human resources approach has become the attitude of the hierarchy, or at least their sympathizers, in seeking to get the various openings filled. From prophet to member in good standing, I tend to see the openings all subject to the same requirements. Each and every one of us is called by baptism through ordination to work in the interest of the Lord 24/7. Following Jesus Christ does not require a time card. We are not baptized to an eight-hour-a-day commitment. You say you remember when you gave your life to Jesus but now you’re too old to work. I remember being called to repentance and the dedication of my energies to do my part in the establishment of His kingdom on earth. I don’t recall anything about time and a half on Saturdays. I speak often with the Lord and patiently listen for His answers. He provides them in His own way and I don’t think I ever heard Him say, “Cec, you’re seventy five now, give it a rest.”

If you believe and have the faith in His ability to heal, you have the best health insurance in existence. He has even gone so far as to provide healing for injuries caused by my own stupidity and clumsiness. I had a doctor tell me I only had five years to live so long ago I have forgotten his name. They may know their profession, but they don’t know my God! When He is ready, he will call but until then, I’d better keep at it. This health insurance plan is not free. It requires your faithful attention to His commands and your labor in His vineyard. If one can’t handle the premium, there’s always Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Now comes the hard part for the successful candidate. Is he sufficiently invested in a lifetime of study and contemplation to satisfy the educational requirements? Our canon of scripture requires a lifetime of study. Who, among serious Saints, has not observed a portion or passage recently which revealed some new, important aspect of our relationship with the Master? Past the scriptures, do we keep abreast of the current happenings in our branch, the general area, in Independence and the world at large. Upon pain of possibly repeating our mistakes of the past, he must also have a thorough knowledge of our history. He must be able to communicate well with all persons both within and without our church family. Based on that information, he may presume to make reasoned conclusions on matters which affect us all. Barring that information, he joins the herd of gossip mongers and becomes victim of better read tale bearers. Not exactly a great recommendation for either member or prophet.

The “employment agency” to find people for these positions is perhaps the easiest part. Twenty five years ago I asked God to fill the position of “wife.” He filled it the following weekend with one of the finest, most loving women I have ever known. Yes, the match required some fine tuning but He had prepared us both for that task. I suspect He, since He fills all our needs from a pool of human beings, will bring us someone who needs a shakedown cruise to get really seaworthy. Again, this applies to all, member through prophet. If you don’t believe this, I suggest you reread the Church History and review some of the foibles of Joseph Smith, Jr.. Few men take on a new job in a condition of perfection and ability.

As to the matter of political correctness in “hiring” practices; all I can say is, “O well!.” We do have God given commandments excluding certain persons from some offices. They are His provenance and not the work of men. He has not, nor will He, recommend someone for a job for which the individual is not qualified. This does not mean that the candidate is aware of his calling. We may recall some of the original apostles recognized their shortcomings and said to the Lord, “Why me?” I quietly reviewed my sins upon baptism and wondered that there was no thunder and lighting, amazed He allowed it to continue. I am still in awe. Hey, repentance works.

There is yet one remaining issue which has not been covered, remuneration. Over the years, I have had many thoughts about this. I know, Paul went forth without “purse or scrip.” I also personally know one young elder who famously set forth on church business with empty pockets. He never failed to realize his individual needs to accomplish God’s will. I also believe that there are men who will fulfill God’s purposes but have families and other obligations. This is a conundrum which requires a greater mind than mine to solve. I do know this however: God will not ask us to do anything without providing the means for that accomplishment. Feel free to explain your own solution.

So there we have it. Oh no, I forgot the perk, life everlasting to continue to work with God and be in His presence; to know the unanswerable, to have unspeakable joy and have the real fruits of your labors. If this sounds good to you, apply today, there are plenty of openings.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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