Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who Said Negotiations Are "Fizzling Out?"

Oh, I remember. It was the mysterious ANONYMOUS. Hey, Anonymous, negotiations between the JCRB and the CoC are alive and well. You people who are misled enough to think the JCRB is all about the will of God, watch your backs. It's the whole armor of God, not just a piece here and a piece there. Ephesians 6

Joint Conference of Restoration Branches
1100 Truman Road
Independence, MO 64050
May 31, 2007

President Stephen Veazey
Community of Christ
1001 W Walnut
Independence, MO 64050

RE: Committee Appointment

Dear President Veazey:

The JCRB’s Logistics Committee met Saturday, May 26, 2007, and took up the issue of appointing representatives for dialogue and discussion with CoC representatives. I am pleased to advise you that the committee has approved the appointment of seven representatives and has requested that JCRB President Rob Rolfe make this a matter of prayer before nominating these persons. The official appointments will be made at our next meeting, June 16th.

Recognizing that the actions and recommendations which may come from these discussions, negotiations, and interactions will be subject to the approval of the JCRB, we, nevertheless, look forward with great anticipation to the “possible reconciliatory processes and procedures and new ways of working together” that may arise out of these mutual efforts. With this in mind, we hope that a meeting may be arranged to take place before the end of June and will be pleased to assist in specific details as to location, time, and an initial agenda.

Thank you for your support now and in the future.


Rudy Leutzinger

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